Writing Prompts For Kids 2nd Grade: 101 Things To Write About For 2nd Grade Students

Hi guys, Today’s post is a quick introduction of my recently published Book  writing prompts for kids 2nd grade. This journal is focused towards 2nd graders and provides them over 100 things to write about and it is enough for 100 days, 1 writing prompts of though per day.



From the book description:

101 Things To Write About For 2nd Grade Students

Best for 2nd-grade students “Writing Prompts For Kids 2nd Grade” is an interesting and inspiring journal which comes with over 100 thought-provoking writing prompts.

The book helps kids develop their narrative writing skills by giving them enough writing prompts, one per day for 101 days.

Being Parents you will be amazed to know that you will no longer fight for writing ideas for your 2nd graders. In this journal you will find a lot of inspiring, fun questions and writing prompts all aimed at journal writing for 2nd Grade.

This journal is crafted in such a way to get kids think in a new and refreshing way and it also lets them gain a deeper understanding of their inner self while having fun.

On the whole, the questions and writing prompts within this unique journal are meant to provide your kid with a simple yet integrative pastime.



I am sure “Writing Prompts For Kids 2nd Grade” will provide your kids with excellent things to write about.


Copy of 101 Writing Prompts For Kids



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