Stay Focused – 5 Things That Can Improve Your Focus And Concentration

What are the 5 things that improve your focus and concentration?

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Subha Malike Answer About What are the 5 things that improve your focus and concentration?

Browsing Less

When you browse too much and click that blue links you become distracted because every new idea or shining object distracts you from your important goals.

Using Fewer browser tabs

Whenever I am online I try to use the minimum number of browser tabs. While I am writing this answer, I have opened two tabs only.

Disabling Desktop Notifications

Desktop notifications from social media, email or any other sites cause you to stop your current work and check them out. So just don’t allow sites to send you notifications.

Turn Off TV

While doing my important daily tasks, I turn off the TV this gives me an extra dose of focus.

Concentrating On Single Task

Multi-tasking is the serious culprit behind lack of focus. When you are doing more than one task at a time, you divide your focus. So focusing on a single task at a time is a great way to remain focused.

These are my personal ways to remain focused, they may help you as well!

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