How To Stop Procrastinating: 8 Simple Steps To Stop Being Lazy And Overcome Procrastination

how to stop procrastinating_8 simple steps to stop being lazy and overcome procrastinationProcrastination is the act of delaying or putting off your important tasks until the last possible moment. A person who procrastinates is more likely to get anxious and stressed when the deadline approaches. If you too are a kind of person who puts things off, then read until the end because this post will give 8 simple tips on how to stop procrastinating and get stuff done.

People tend to procrastinate in different ways; a student may procrastinate on his studies and get really anxious when exams approach, an employee procrastinates on his daily assignments and becomes stressed and overwhelmed when things become urgent and accumulated, a businessman may procrastinate on business-related works because it requires hard work. So, people procrastinate on different things according to their lifestyle.

Napoleon Hills in his world-famous book “Think & Grow Rich” writes, “Procrastination, the opposite of decision, is the common enemy which practically every man should conquer.” What this means is a person who procrastinates fails to make prompt decisions and as a result fails to achieve his important life goals as well.

There are so many reasons which lead you to procrastinate on important things like fear of failure, perceived difficulty of the task, anxiety/stress, being busy in more pleasurable things, delayed gratification and many more.

Sure enough, when a person who becomes aware of his biggest enemy (procrastination), he starts looking for tips on how to stop procrastinating. As you are reading this post about ways to over procrastination habit, the chances are you too are coping with procrastination and looking for some practical ways to get rid of it.

How To Stop Procrastinating: 8 Simple Steps To Overcome Procrastination

In this post, I am going to teach you some really good ways to actually beat procrastination habit and get stuff done on time, so keep reading.

How To Stop Procrastinating Step # 1 – Start Your Day With Most Urgent Tasks

One good way to stop procrastination is to first accomplish the most urgent tasks, this will make you feel relaxed by giving you a sense of relief. This is really important because task with approaching deadlines may cause you to feel anxious and hinder your overall performance.

How To Stop Procrastinating Step # 2 – Take Care Of Your First 30 Minutes Of The Day

The first 30 minutes of your day are more crucial, don’t waste them by procrastinating on things you need to do that day. The best way is to have a to-do list for every day, and pick up the most urgent task and start working on it from the very first minute of your day. It will put you into a flow and you will do your other assignments as well.

How To Stop Procrastinating Step # 3 – Build A Do It Now Attitude

The most effective Anti-Procrastination-Habit is to build “Do It Now Attitude”. This is a really powerful way to get rid of procrastination. Whenever you feel like skipping some task that needs to be done, just think it now or never. By thinking this you will always manage to beat your procrastination.

As we all know breaking habits especially the bad ones is always an uphill task to do. Same goes true with the habit of putting things off until the last minute; once this habit is formed it is really hard to break. But this doesn’t mean you should lose hope and stop trying.

Just hold your breath and jump right into the task that feels strange or feels like a forced action. This is how you can break this cycle of procrastination. All I mean to say is don’t wait until the last moment, do it now and make a habit of doing it now.

By building a do it now attitude you will look an organized person and more importantly you will feel a relief and gratitude when the job is done before the deadline.

How To Stop Procrastinating Step # 4 – Decode Your Procrastination

You might not be aware of the fact that procrastination is trying to deliver you some important message.

When you don’t feel in the mood to accomplish something, the very simplest reason could be you need a break from your routine or you need to eat something. On the other hand, there might be something complex behind your habit of procrastination like you aren’t satisfied with your job or you have a work overload.

So do yourself a favor and instead of beating yourself for procrastinating, take some time to decode your procrastination. In other words, try to figure out why you’re procrastinating.

How To Stop Procrastinating Step # 5 – Divide Your Task into Manageable Parts

So you need to complete a large project and you are unable to start the task as it seems too overwhelming. Just divide it into small manageable parts and focus on every single part at a time. If you still procrastinate on the task after breaking it down, then break it down even further. Soon you will see your task as much simple to get started.

Let’s suppose you need to write an eBook then instead of writing the whole book at one time just divide it down into parts like; brainstorming idea, researching information, drafting the content, writing chapter #1 to Conclusion, proof-reading etc. And complete every single step at one time.

You simply need to break down the project into smaller manageable parts and work on each part separately. Make each task an individual project and after completion of each one, celebrate and acknowledge your achievement.

In this way, your task or project will look much easier and interesting to do.

How To Stop Procrastinating Step # 6 – Start with The Most Enjoyable Part

The hardest part of doing any task is always starting the task. Once you managed to get started on a task then you will surely get it done.

So you should begin with the most interesting part of the project this will help you get started. The reason behind is the release of dopamine, which occurs whenever we excited about something or when something looks interesting to us.

How To Stop Procrastinating Step # 7 – Set Daily Deadlines

Instead of waiting for next Monday, just set the concrete daily deadlines for getting the things done. As I said earlier break down your task into small manageable parts and then set a daily deadline to complete a single part on daily basis.

Suppose you chose a topic for your new eBook on Monday, do research on Tuesday and make an outline on Wednesday. This daily deadline will keep you moving towards your end goal which finishing the eBook within one or two weeks.

How To Stop Procrastinating Step # 8 – Get Rid Of Distractions

Turn off desktop notifications, close the browsers tabs that you don’t need while doing your task. Don’t check email, SMS or social media timelines while working on something important.


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Final Thoughts

So, these are some steps for how to stop procrastinating and get stuff done. Use these tips to stop being lazy and overcome your habit of putting things off. Building a do it now attitude and doing the most difficult tasks first are some of the key steps to get rid of procrastination.

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