7 Health Benefits Of Meditation That Will Change Your Life


Before going to health benefits of meditation, let’s have a quick look on what the meditation is.

Meditation is basically a method of training the mind or inducing a mode of consciousness. The purpose of this practice is either to realize some benefit of mind or for the mind to recognize its content without becoming recognized with that content.

People, who don’t practice meditation, usually misunderstand its basic concept. Often they call this as, “altered states of consciousness.” And this sounds more like intoxicants, rather than de-cluttering the mind.

Here I am not going to dig deep into what really the meditation is (which is beyond the scope of this post), rather I will share some of the wonderful benefits of mediation.


Top 7 Health Benefits Of Meditation

Here are some really amazing health benefits of Meditation


1. Meditation Relaxes Your Mind & Body


One of the top benefits meditation is it relaxes both your mind and body. It not only makes you feel fit and great but also improves quality of your sleep.


2. Meditation Makes You Feel Happier


Being human, we all want true happiness in our lives. Researchers have conducted studies and proved the fact that meditation increases happiness. A study was conducted on employees of the Compuware Corporation who participated in a meditation practice known as “Loving Kindness”.  

The participants mediated at least 5 times per week. The study showed that individuals who meditated have less depressive symptoms and more positive emotions as compared to the control group.

You may like this Infographic : The Science Behind Why Meditation Makes You So Much Happier


3. Meditation Lowers Blood Pressure


Do you know you can lower your blood pressure by meditating? According to a statement by The American Heart Association, meditation can be considered in clinical practice to lower blood pressure.


4. Meditation Boosts Your Immune System


You get sick too often if your immune system is not optimal. As a matter of fact no one likes getting sick every now and then.

Meditation is known to improve your immune system thus makes you less likely to get sick. A study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison showed that individuals who meditated were 25 percent less likely to cold or flu than those who did not meditate.


5. Meditation Improves Your Sleep


If you are suffering from sleep problems then you will be happy to know that meditation can improve your quality of sleep and reduce the symptoms of insomnia.

A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, shows that participants who took part in a six-week program on mindfulness meditation had better improvements in their sleep quality and less symptoms of insomnia compared to control group.

6. You Feel Less Stressed


We are spending our lives in era of anxiety and stress. Everything around us (People, TV commercials, Electronics etc.) is yelling for our attention. Moreover we have a large list of responsibilities including work, family and obligations thus making us super busy and stressful. So you need to do something to get rid of this stress and anxiety.

Several studies on health benefits of meditation by Western Researchers show that Stress relief was one of the first health benefits of this amazing field.

A study from Carnegie Mellon University shows that meditation can release stress even if you practice it for short periods. This three-day study engaged the participants in mindfulness meditation coupled with breathing exercises, for at least 25 minutes each day. Then they were asked to do stressful speech and solve math problems. The results showed that the participants who took part in meditation had less levels of stress hormone (cortisol).

What this mean is Meditation causes lowered cortisol hormone in the test participants, which in turn led to less stress.


7.  Meditation Keeps Your Brain Young


You are as young as your brain feels or you are as old as you feel. Though average life has increased, but our brains start deteriorating as early as we enter into our mid-20s. It has been found that this process of deterioration in our brains can be slowed down by meditation.

In as a study published by Frontiers in Psychology, Researchers found participants who meditated had less deterioration in their brain’s gray matter, which leads to greater brain health.

In this study gray matter deterioration in the brain was studied on two groups, first the people who had practiced meditation throughout their lifetimes, secondly the people those who had not.


Wrapping It Up


So these are top seven health benefits of meditation, which can surely have a positive effect on your life. If you liked this post then please do share with your friends and family members on social media.

Now its Is you turn, do you practice meditation? If yes then share the benefits you are getting from it and also share your questions and thoughts below in the comments section. Thanks You!

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