7 Habits Of Unsuccessful People You Can’t Afford To Copy

habits of unsuccessful people

Many people think that they can achieve success by reading about habits of successful people and copying those habits.

But the truth is if the success was so easy then every body would become the next Bill Gates. You can’t become successful until and unless you become aware of habits of unsuccessful people.

In other words you need to carefully look inside you and find what you are doing wrong which prevents you from achieving heights of success. Keeping this in mind I have crafted a post about habits of unsuccessful people which you must know and avoid doing the same things.

7 Habits Of Unsuccessful People You Should Not Copy

1 – They Are Impatient

Unsuccessful people are usually impatient ones and they can’t wait for success to happen. They want immediate results, which aren’t possible in most cases. For example an impatient youtubers will create new channel today, upload a few videos and get frustrated when he doesn’t see any views and subscribers.

Impatient people fail in most cases because success takes time, a brand new blog will not attracts loads of traffic in one month or so. Real problem happens when the impatient person gets disappointed and decides to change his business or project.

Quick Fix: Here is a quick fix to this problem, be fully aware of the fact that there is nothing like overnight success. Moreover you need to bear in mind the successful people we see today, they didn’t achieve this in few days, weeks or months.

2 – They Fall Prey To Distractions Easily

This is perhaps the biggest reason behind the failure of most people. If you are a kind of person who gets easily distracted then your chances of becoming successful in any form of business are very low.

Unsuccessful person falls prey to distractions and can’t focus on the project at hand. Because he is always distracted, he fails to finish his projects and in the end also fails to achieve success.

Quick Fix : Firstly delete the unnecessary browser bookmarks. Next don’t check your email again and again, thirdly don’t over use social media.

3 – They Are Procrastinators

Unsuccessful people are procrastinators (put off things till the last possible minute).

Procrastination is a really bad habit and it costs you much. It destroys your peace of mind because you feel stressed about your unfinished or poorly finished tasks. Moreover it hinders your progress and you miss many life changing opportunities.

Because a procrastinator doesn’t finish his tasks on time and become stressed, he is less likely to achieve success in any area of life.

Quick Fix: You need to get rid of procrastination and make a habit of doing things right now.

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4 – They Don’t Learn New Skills

Unsuccessful people have a bad habit of not learning new skills. They believe they already know every thing about a specific topic. They are unaware of the fact that skills and info becomes dated with time and one should keep learning to be successful.

Learning is not any easy thing to do and it turns off the unsuccessful people, as they don’t want to work harder. They don’t read useful books and don’t follow useful advice, therefore fails to make any substantial progress.

Quick Fix: Never ever stop learning, because learning is one of the main pillars of success. Keep reading books, learn new skills and polish your existing skills.

5 – They Remain Reserved

Unsuccessful people remain reserved and keep their mouth shut all the time. They keep their head down, don’t speak and never try to expand their comfort zone.

They fear to put themselves out professionally and this habit hold them back. They don’t mix with people, don’t discuss on new opportunities and thus left behind.

Quick Fix: Though it is hard but you should break this habit of keeping your mouth shut. Start small and try to participate in little conversation with your colleagues and clients. With time you will get into momentum.

6 – They Hate Everything

They don’t feel good for others succeeding in their lives. They hate them seeing successful.

Darius Foroux writes, unsuccessful people  even hate things that just ‘are’. “Ugh, it rained this morning, and my hair got all messed up. I hate rain.” Common, really?

We all have bad days and become frustrated at some points, it is quite normal. But If you keep hating everything without any solid reason, then my friend you are living a loser’s life.

Quick Fix: Stop complaining about people and things, it is not going to help you any more. Be positive and show some love for other, it won’t cost you a penny.

7 – They Reject Change

A person who fails to make any significant success is that who hates ‘change’. By doing this they miss out many life changing opportunities and fail to make any progress.

Rhubarb writes; “The hallmark of unsuccessful people is that they reject any sort of change. They are forever looking for ways in which things can go wrong. In the process, they pass up on opportunities to make their lives better. They do not entertain the idea that a little change may improve their current situation.”

Quick Fix: Always remain ready for change because change is necessary for making progress in all areas of life and it also provides you with new opportunities.

Wrapping It Up

There are some common habits of unsuccessful people which hinder their success. I don’t want you see copying these habits, therefore, I have written this blog post. Now its your turn, share this with your friends and leave your comments below. Thanks.

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