21 Creative Writing Prompts For Adults To Inspire The Writer Inside You

creative writing prompts for adults

One of the best ways to become a better writer is to practice writing every day. Like all area of life, practice is the core component of creative writing.

If you are a writer and experiencing writer’s block, then you need some writing prompts to get inspiration and write more fluently. Keeping this in view, I will share with you 21 Creative Writing Prompts For Adults.

You can use these creative writing prompts as a story opener and enjoy writing. So, without further ado, here are 21 writing prompts for you.

21 Creative Writing Prompts For Adults


  1. How the weather outside your window right Now? Does this inspire you? If not the what is your favorite weather?
  2. Write about Three really interesting things you learned this year. And these new things are skill changed your life.
  3. Write a short story about the animal you like the most.
  4. Pick up three word from a dictionary and write what these word mean to you.
  5. Write about someone really inspiring.
  6. Write about your fears and what you do to deal with them?
  7. Write about 10 things that make you happy.
  8. Write about darkness..what if you suddenly moved from light to a very dark place.
  9. Do you wake up early? Write about waking up without alarm.
  10. Write about the silliest mistakes you ever made.
  11. Write about the feeling you get after doing good to someone.
  12. Make a list of question you want to ask someone you praise.
  13. What you like the most about yourself? Write about your physical feature you like the most.
  14. Recall your past and write about three amazing things happen to you.
  15. Write about something you will others should know about you.
  16. Write about being mistreated/insulted.
  17. Write about seeing brighter aspect of bad situations.
  18. Write about loneliness. Do like to be alone or want company all the time.
  19. Open your favorite book on a random page and rewrite the what it says.
  20. Write about your last birthday.
  21. Write about you favorite sport? Write about the really exciting match you recently watched.

So these are some creating writing prompts for adults. I hope you like them, so share them with your friends.

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