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7 Life Lessons I Wish I Had Learned Sooner - positiveblaze

One surprising thing about life is it takes the exam before even teaching you something. In other words, we learn many things after making huge mistakes. Infact making mistakes is not a big deal if you manage to learn some sort of lesson from them.


We human being continue making mistakes throughout our lives, some take a lesson from their mistakes and some don’t. Either way, life continues and keeps throwing problems and various setbacks to our faces, the idea is to make us even stronger and help us learn something new.


With that said, there are some life lessons which you may wish you should have learned very sooner. This post portrays the same idea about life lessons, I will be sharing with you some biggest life lesson that I have learned over time. And I really wish I had learned them sooner.


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Life Lessons I Wish I Had Learned Sooner



# 1. Perfectionism is the biggest enemy


Trying to do things with 100% accuracy is really a killer to your productivity. I have been a victim of perfectionism and wasted my precious time, just trying to do things perfectly. Perfectionism eats away your productivity and you end up procrastinating on things you supposed to do.


As a matter of fact, in this imperfect world, there is nothing like Perfect. All you need is to give your best and focus on 80% accuracy because something done with 80% accuracy is totally Okay. Always leave 20% room for mistakes and improvements. This is also called as 80/20 rule.


So try to get rid of this perfectionism bug as soon as possible if you really want to get things done and boost your overall productivity.


# 2. Nothing is free in this world


This is yet another important life lesson I have learned during last four to five years. When I first started blogging back in 2013, I was using free resources to grow my blog and trying to make money from it. The end result was I failed to make any considerable income because this world works on a rule and that is “there is nothing like a free lunch”.


When I failed in blogging I tried almost every free course to learn how to make money online and failed many times because nobody gives you inner secrets for free.


Everything thing in this universe has its price and you have to pay that price, so you should stop hoping for a free lunch. After I came across this bitter truth, I started investing money in buying premium courses and learned many useful things. And by using those skills now I am able to earn some extra cash each month since last year or so.


So, if you want to achieve something be willing and be ready for paying an equivalent price for it. This is the biggest lesson that every individual should learn as sooner as possible.

Similarly, you can’t achieve your biggest goals by working for them for months or years without paying a price for them.


# 3. Time is the most precious commodity


I wish I could get back the precious hours I wasted while doing nothing productive. I did that because I was unaware of the importance of Time. If you waste time today, the time will waste you tomorrow. I learned this lesson the hard  way after spending many stressful years, therefore I wish you know the importance of time and start valuing it right now.


The right time to start anything is “Now” because the time is now. There is nothing like tomorrow because you can’t predict the problems and setbacks that you may embrace tomorrow. So forget what happened yesterday and also stop worrying about what would happen in future, just start perfecting your today.


# 4. Being a people pleaser is a total loss


I am not trying to say that you should be rude to others but what I really mean to say is you need not to be a person who always does things to please others. Being a people pleaser, you will be doing things that others want you to do, hence you will not be able to spend your life in your own way.


Stop pleasing others; it is not your duty. You are not here to please others rather you are here to live your own life according to your own likes and dislikes.


# 5. There is nothing like Failure


You are beaten if your feet that way. Similarly, you are a failure if you feel you failed at something.

As a matter of fact, there is nothing like a failure but learning experiences. Many successful people throughout the history failed many times but they keep trying until they embrace success.


They succeed because they didn’t think of themselves as failure instead they took failures as learning experiences and kept tweaking their approach.


Believe me, failure is a blessing in disguise because it gives priceless gifts in the form of learnings. Just take the example of Thomas Edison who failed ten thousand times before he was able to invent the bulb. This happened because he kept trying until he succeeded.


# 6. It is never too late to make a new start


This is pretty related to the previous lesson. Often times when we fail at something we take the easiest path of simply quitting it and reject the idea of making a new start. This happens because we put a time limit on our goals and dreams which is not a wise thing in any case.


Just keep in mind, you can go back to school, apply for your dream job or start a project again because it is never too late to make a new start.


# 7. Practicing Gratitude Can Do Wonders


Being grateful for things you already have opens doors to more blessings and opportunities.


An attitude of gratitude serves as a connecting link between you and your creator. And a person who practices gratitude receives more and more wonderful things in his life.


Just be thankful for things you already have and see the magic happening.


Final Thoughts


So, guys, there are some life lessons I wish I had learned sooner. Like I said before in this post, it is never too late to make a new start, therefore you should not repent on past things and keep doing things that move you a bit closer to your dreams.


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