5 Simple Ways To Find Happiness In Yourself When You Are Feeling Down

Do you get stuck in your emotional dumps and find it difficult to feel happy?

Don’t do worry you are not alone, there are a lot of people on this planet struggling to get in the mood and at least become less sad.

Positive psychology has become the latest trend.  Several studies proved that success in all areas of life is directly related to the level of happiness, what this means is a more successful person is actually a happier Person.

I just loved this quote by Jim Rohn about happiness and I am sure you too will!

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.

So don’t wait for tomorrow to find happiness in yourself, just make a start right now. To help you get started I am going to share 5 really good ways to find happiness when you are feeling down.

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5 Simple Ways To Find Happiness In Yourself

# 1 – Prepare Yourself for Happiness

The very first step towards happiness is preparing yourself for happiness and this starts with the strong desire for finding happiness. It is to take the very first move towards achieving the true happiness in your life.

You can start with by making a commitment for finding tiny things around you which can make you happy and help you get rid of false beliefs about happiness which state that happiness is only for lucky persons and not for the masses.

Just remember the fact that happiness is something that comes from within you and it doesn’t come from the outer world. So, prepare yourself for happiness, want happiness in your life and want it badly, it will certainly find you very quickly.

# 2 – Visualize You As A Happy Person

May studies suggested and proved that visualization is a very powerful thing and it can do wonders for you if done properly. The same goes true for finding happiness as well, visualizing yourself as a happy person will eventually make you a happy person. You can start this visualizing process by just picturing yourself relaxing, laughing or smiling during the various parts of the day. Especially do it every day when you wake up in the morning.

Though you will find it difficult to visualize yourself as a happy person at the beginning of practice, you can do it easily. And believe me, once you manage to fix the image of a happy you in your mind then the Road towards Happiness will become so easy.

# 3 – Follow Your Happiness

You need to be very clear about the fact that happiness rarely comes by accident of fate. In other words, happiness rarely found by accident. It is quite possible for you to come across happiness in unexpected places or events, but this only happens when you first open yourself for accepting such possibilities of happiness.

More importantly, you can’t sit at home and wait for happiness to knock your door, you need to go out and live your life. Think about the little things that make you happy and try involving yourself in those small activities and further explore what can make you feel happier. Being a human being it is your right to live a happy life, therefore, find things that make you happy and spend more time in finding and experimenting with those things.

# 4 – Live In Current Moment

Most people remain unhappy because they keep rewinding the past ill-done tasks or events. They continue thinking they were happy only if those situations were different. If you are in the same state of mind then you can’t be happy unless and until you manage to forget your yesterday, because we all know we can’t go back and redo/correct the things.

Done is done, so it’s time to move ahead and leave behind those disturbing thoughts that keep you unhappy. On the other hand, you may also be a kind of person who remains in tomorrow’s’ worries, and hence remain unhappy all the time and can’t enjoy today’s great moments.

These instances of unhappiness come in place because you are not living in your current moment of life. Rather you are worried about you coming future or simply your past is not letting you fully enjoy your today.

All you need is just start living in your current moment; don’t care about past things which can’t be undone or corrected. Similarly, your future is beyond your control, so why you are making yourself unhappy for a thing which isn’t in your control??

Start taking care of your today, do your best in your job, study or business whatever you are in, by doing this your future will take care of itself. So, living in your current moment of life is key to happiness.

You need to closely monitor your thoughts passing through your mind because what that called Happiness is not more than a state of mind. You must bring your mind into proper state and happiness will follow you!

# 5 – Be Grateful For What You Have

Believe me or not you start feeling happy once you start being grateful for things you already have. Look at the things in your possessions and be grateful for those because this world has been created in such a way it rewards those who are more grateful.

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough” — Melodie Beatty

Gratitude is all about giving thanks for things you have and this attitude of gratitude rewards you with better things in your life. By showing gratitude you are telling the nature that you are the right person who can be bestowed with more amazing things.

In this way, you will also develop a sense of contentment and as a result, you will start feeling happy with your current state of life.

Final Thought

These are 5 simple yet effective ways to find happiness in yourself when you feeling down and unhappy. You can use these ways to put yourself on way to find true happiness in your life.

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