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All the big names and amazing leaders are the people who possess amazing communication skills because having ability to communicate effectively is one of the ways to achieve success in life.

Having good communication skills can help you in many ways and in many different situations including presentations, job interviews, handling arguments, and in several other situations.

So it is really important to improve your communication skills. Keeping this in view, in today’s blog post I am going to share with you some prove ways to improve your communication skills.

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11 Proven Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills

Use these ways to improve the way you communicate with others.

1.   Learn Non-verbal Communication

According to a study body language accounts for 55% of how the audience perceived a speaker, 38% weightage was given to the tone of the voice and only 7% credibility went to the actual words of the speaker.

So, non-verbal communication is something really important to master if you want to develop effective communication skills. In non-verbal communication posture is really critical; therefore, in order to communicate effectively and confidently, you need to adopt a proper poster.

Keep your back straight, make eye contact, avoid folding your arms and fill more space while sitting or standing, these little changes can dramatically improve your body language (non-verbal communication).

2. Be a Good Listener

Listening is the very important step towards having a good conversation. People like to know they are being heard, so pay close attention to what other person is saying before formulating your response.

One good way is to avoid doing other things while having an important conversation with someone and have a single conversation at a time is a good idea a well. Give full attention and respect to the person you are having a conversation with, and ask for clarification to avoid any misunderstanding.

3. Have Courage to Express Your Thoughts

In the previous step, I have mentioned the importance of listening in communication skills but that doesn’t mean to sacrifice your own thoughts. You should have the courage to share your thoughts clearly and in a positive way.

Listen carefully what other person is saying and don’t be afraid to share what you think. Take some time each day to be aware of your emotions and opinions so that you can clearly share them with other people. While sharing your thoughts you need not worry that your input may not be worthwhile, because what is worthwhile to one person may not be to another.

4. Ask For Honest Feedback

This is another good way to polish your communication skills. You can ask your friends, colleagues, your manager, and peers for an honest feedback. This will help you to identify areas where improvement is needed that you might have overlooked.

5. Keep It Brief and Be Specific

Being brief and being specific is important in both written and verbal communications. Be brief yet specific enough so that the other person gets enough information to fully understand what you’re saying.

In written communication, especially replying to an email first carefully read the full email then craft your reply without rambling. It is all about practice, the more you practice the better you get.

6. Read More

Reading is one of the best ways to know how other speak, write and present information. Today there are so many options are available for readers like newspapers, blogs, magazines, biographies, sales copies etc. To improve your communication skills, you should read more and read all types of materials.

The more you read, the better you can understand the art of communication.

7. Practice, Practice, And Practice

Make no mistake, if you want to improve your communication skills then start communicating. In the previous step, I asked you to read more in order to understand the way other communicate, now your next step should be bringing your knowledge into action. What I really want you to do is to practice communication by communicating more because practice will make you perfect.

8. Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is really important for effective communication; it is known to be an indicator of interest and respect. Maintaining an eye contact with the person you are listening to shows that you are interested in what other person is talking about.

Moreover, eye contact also keeps you focused on the conversation and stops your mind from wandering.

9. Record Yourself

Recording yourself using your phone will enable you to spot your communication shortcomings like talking too fast, using same words repeatedly and using “um” too many times. Once you find the areas to improve upon start working on each one and then record yourself again. After overcoming one issue, you can move to the next.

10. Stop Talking Over Others

Zoe B writes, “By talking over someone what you’re basically saying is “I don’t care what you’re saying—what I have to say is more important”.

Talking over someone shows a kind of disrespect for the person you are having a conversation with, so avoid talking over others.

11. Focus On Earning Respect

Deep Patel writes, “It can be tempting to communicate with others in a lighthearted way; after all, this can be a good way to make friends in a professional setting. But remember that the most successful communicators are those who have earned respect, rather than laughs.”

I totally agree with Deep, earning respect should be your focus while having a conversation.

Finals Thought

Communicating clearly and effectively is an art and you can learn this by using ways to improve your communication skills as mentioned in this blog post. Learning body language, being a good listener, maintaining eye contact and expressing your thoughts without fear should be your focus points to become a good communicator.

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