11 Best Habits You Need To Include In Your Morning Routine

Are you struggling to design a morning routine that suits you? You are not alone many people face a really hard time while designing the best morning routine for them. Keeping this in view, I have come up with a list of 11 best habits that you should include in your morning routine to be more productive and successful person.

These habits are known as the best habits of most successful people from all around the world. Try to include as many habits as you can in your morning routine and you will notice a great difference in your productivity levels.

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11 Best Habits To Include In Your Morning Routine

So here are 11 best morning habits that you should include in your morning routine to be a more productive person.

# 1 – Wake Up Early

Getting up early before the sun has many perks, which are beautifully quoted by Benjamin Franklin in a single line, he said, “The early morning has gold in its mouth”.

Rising early makes you more productive not only by giving you more work hours but it also gives you an early kick and speeds you up for the day ahead. Studies suggest that an early riser is more energetic and takes less time to complete tasks as compared to a late riser. When you get up early you are more likely to make better decisions and achieve your goals.

Getting up early also reduces your stress levels as it provides you more time and minimizes the need to rush in the morning. In addition to reducing stress level, early rising also improves your sleep quality because an early riser often goes to bed early as well.

According to a research study conducted by Texas University, students who were early risers scored better grades and their GPAs were better than the students who were late risers. The results of this study verify the fact of enhanced productivity due to rising early.

An early riser is a happier person – This fact has already been proved by a study that suggests that people who got up early in the morning were happier in their overall life

# 2 – Drink Water

Almost 75% of your brains tissues is water. After a sleep of 6-8 hours your body and mind become dehydrated, therefore, it is really crucial to drink water after you wake up. So by drinking water as the first thing you intake, you make it sure that your brain is working on adequate fluids, and you won’t’ get drained & fatigued.

There are so many benefits associated with drinking water early in the morning after you wake up. A recent study conducted by German researchers suggests that drinking cold water boosts your metabolism by 24% for 90 minutes over the average metabolism rate.

Another most important benefit of drinking water is it flushes out toxins from your body by providing your enough fluids to carry on their normal activities in an efficient way.

# 3 – Express Gratitude

The attitude of gratitude serves a the connection between you and your creator and it is known as one of the best ways to feel happier. You will be surprised to know that expressing gratitude can also make you healthier, less stressed and more optimist.

So make a habit to be thankful for every little thing that you are bestowed with, do this every morning you wake up, it will fill your heart with happiness and your day would be a good one.

# 4 – Make Your Bed

This is one of the best morning routines to feel organized. Making your bed also safeguards you from temptations to lay down again and fall asleep. And you will feel really great in the evening when you see everything in place and organized, at this time you will be patting yourself on the back.

# 5 – Morning Exercise

Almost everyone is aware of the benefits associated with a regular exercise. It makes you healthier, improves your mood, strengthens your body and heart, makes you more active and many more.

So keeping in view the aforesaid benefits of exercising you should be doing a quick exercise every morning. It will surely pay you for rest of the day by making you more productive and confident by raising endorphins

# 6 – Meditate

Meditation has its own mind-blowing benefits including an increase in happiness, clearer thoughts, better sleep and increased creativity.

A quick morning meditation will put you into the flow and you become extremely adaptable to change and things like a traffic jam or people blowing horns at you seem all good. Meditation also increases your focus of mind and hence increases your productivity.

# 7 – Put a Smile On Your Face

Put a smile on your face and expect good things ahead. This will help you to combat negative thoughts and makes you more optimist. This positive attitude will not only reduce your stress levels but it will prepare you to face setbacks which come on your way.

# 8 – Ask Yourself Question

Ask yourself questions about how can you make small improvements today that move you a bit closer to your goals? What is the most urgent task for the day and in what ways you can make your day a more productive one?

Asking yourself such question in the morning will help you to do things that are really important for your life and goals and stops you from indulging in less productive activities.

# 9 – Do The Difficult Task First

Eat that frog first, what it means is doing the toughest tasks first. Once you manage to accomplish the most difficult task first, you become more confident to complete the less difficult tasks and in the end, you are able to finish most of the tasks for that day.

A sense of completion will put you into a flow state and help you overcome the procrastination habit. In this way, you will be completing both your difficult and the easiest tasks without wasting your time.

# 10 – Plan your day ahead

To become a more productive person, you need to plan your day ahead. One good way is to have a to-do list for the day by listing all important tasks to work on. While making a to-do list make sure you have prioritized the tasks in terms of their importance.

This will help you to focus on your most important tasks first and then you can move on to comparatively less important ones. You can also skip the things with least importance to focus only one thing that really matters.

# 11 – Eat a healthy breakfast

A good breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it comes with many health benefits like it helps you control weight, gives the energy to start a new day and improves your performance throughout the day.

So you should take a healthy & nutritious breakfast that is full o nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Final Thoughts

These are 11 best habits you need to include in your morning routine to boost your productivity and help you achieve your goals in life. The above mentioned good morning habits are randomly listed and you need not follow the order from 1 to 11, feel free to use them in your own specific order.

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