9 Things You Can Do to Feel Happier

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We all have times in our life when we don’t feel in mood or become unhappy or sad. Because you are reading this post, you too are wishing you were in better mood. Probably you have tried your level best to get yourself in state of peace but things don’t feel working.

It is pretty normal for you to get stuck in your own emotional dumps and find yourself struggling to feel happier. Keeping this in mind, I have crafted a list of 9 things you can do to feel happier pretty quickly.

9 Things You Can Do to Feel Happier

9 Things You Can Do to Feel Happier

1. Do Some Brisk Walks

According to a study by Pennsylvania State researchers, the people who are physically more active, have greater general feeling of excitement and enthusiasm.

Going for a brisk walk is perhaps one of the easiest ways to remain physically active. And if you can’t go for walk on daily basis, then half an hour of brisk walk three times a week will boost you happiness.

2. Discover Something New

Just open yourself to discover things which are not a part of your routine. There are a lot of things you can try, just for instance read different magazine that you usually don’t read. Watch different TV programs that you don’t use to watch.

Go to your local library and pick up a magazine you don’t normally buy. Just like that you can discover something new to improve your mood.

3. Simple breathing meditation.

The beauty of berating meditation is you can do this anywhere. This is the easiest and greatest way to relieve stress and get in state of calmness.

Simply allow yourself to sit comfortably with your back straight. Now shut your eyes and feel the flow of air into and out of your nostrils. That’s all there is to it. Do this for 10-15 minutes. You will be surprised to feel the change in you mood afterwards.

4. Recall A Positive Experience

Recall a positive experience and start writing about it for 15-20 minutes.
Believe or not, it will dramatically improve your mood and make you instantly happy. This happens because by writing about a positive experience, you are allowing yourself to relive that experience.

5. Find something to laugh at

As study by Researchers at California’s Loma Linda University suggests that laughter is the best medicine. Laughter is also know for improving your mood almost instantly. If you are going through down times then you should take advantage of this wonderful way to lift your spirits.

You can read some humorous book or watch some comedy which makes you burst into laughter.

6. Draw For The Fun of It

Can you remember the times when you used to doodle for hours. Though drawing silly little things is most lovable by kids, but this doesn’t mean drawing is just for kids.

Just forget about your age and grab some pencils, pens, crayons etc and just doodle for the fun of it. You will clearly notice how your state of mind changes.

7. Random Acts of Kindness

Here is an inspiring quote from Professor Martin Selectman,

“We scientists have found that doing a kindness produces the single most reliable momentary increase in well-being of any exercise we have tested… Here is the exercise: find one wholly unexpected kind thing to do tomorrow and just do it. Notice what happens to your mood.”

Start doing 5 random acts of kind every week, it is almost guaranteed to boost your happiness.

8. Compare With less fortunate Individuals

Just imagine you are here reading this blog post, this one thing  suggests that you are more fortunate than many other people in the world.

Why I am saying this? It is because you can access internet and can read, these two little things alone put you ahead of most people on this planet.

There are a lot of people who are in deep pain, and people who barely have access to even basics of survival.

9. Express Gratitude

Being grateful for simple things is another good way to improve your happiness. It would be easy for you to be happy, if you are a kinda person who can be happy with little things.

All you have to do is, just rewind the last week and note down three to five things you are grateful for. That’s it, by expressing gratitude for things you already have will boost your happiness.

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