10 Simple Ways To Stop Overthinking And Start Living

Welcome to my blog, in today’s post I will give you some simple ways to stop overthinking.

Thinking is one of the most important elements of human life because everything starts with a thought and we can’t do anything without seeing it in our thought first. It is, without doubt, a gift from our creator because it enables us to deal with the ideas and concepts.

Thinking helps you to reason, judge, make decisions and form your own opinion. But the real problem occurs when you start overthinking and your productivity starts suffering.

As the saying goes, “Excess of everything is bad”, just like that “overthinking” is bad as well because it can affect your performance in a negative way.

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Real Costs of overthinking

Before jumping into ways to stop overthinking, here is a quick overview of effects of overthinking on your life.

# 1 – You Miss On Opportunities

Over thinking may lead you to miss on many life-changing opportunities. This happens because instead of taking some action, you keep thinking while the opportunity is knocking on your door. And you never know what opportunity could be a life-changing one and which doesn’t come again quickly.

# 2 – You End Up Being Pessimistic

Overthinkers are most likely to end up being pessimists. Some recent studies suggest that over-thinking lowers the decision making power, hinders rational thoughts, leads to negativity and eventually makes a person unhappy.

# 3 – Overthinking Causes Sleep Problems

Over thinking may lead to insomnia because a person who keeps thinking while lying in bed is less likely to sleep early and sleep well. He usually recalls his past painful events, which triggers the feeling of pain and grief resulting in sleeplessness. Because there is nobody there to interrupt him and break his thinking cycle, this over-thinking mode continues until it is morning, and then he falls asleep due to sheer tiredness.

# 4 – Overthinking Complicates Life

Overthinking can easily turn a molehill into a mighty mountain which you can never climb. Due to over thinkings, many tiny life events and situations appear to be really serious and difficult to cope with, thus complicating your life.

10 Simple Ways To Stop Overthinking


Below are some ways to overcome the habit of overthinking:

# 1 – Find out what is causing to overthink

This is the first and most important way to stop overthinking. Dig inside you and find the real cause of your habit of overthinking.

There could be so many reasons behind your habit of overthinking like being worried about something, being scared, fear of failure, fear of future and many more.

So, find out things which cause you to overthink and treat them accordingly.

# 2 – Meditate

Meditation is the really helpful thing to have a focus of mind and control your wandering thoughts. So before anything important, do a little breathing exercise it will make you calmer and focused. A quick minute’s daily meditation can be a great way to stop overthinking.

# 3 – Stop Magnifying your problems

Magnifying a problem makes you overthink about it, so start seeing your problems from a distance and they will appear too little to get worried about.

# 4 – Repeat positive affirmations daily


Auto-suggest yourself positive affirmations on daily basis to get rid of negative thoughts which make you overthink. You can repeat below positive affirmations:

“I have the power to decide what I will think about. My thoughts do not control me.”

“I release my obsessive thoughts and let them go.”

“I refuse to allow my imagination to show me disastrous futures.”

“I live in the present moment and appreciate the beauty of what’s happening now.”

“I am more than my negative thoughts. I can and will be happy.”

Feel free to use your own affirmations as well.

# 5 – Use Some Ticking Timer

A background ticking sound can really make you more productive, therefore you should put a timer while doing something important.

Say for example work for 30–60 minutes by setting a timer with a ticking sound, then relax for 5 minutes. Then again use the time for 30–60 minutes.

This method will not only make you more productive, it will also stop you from over-thinking.

# 6 – Live In The Current Moment

Just bear in mind that you can’t visit your future and do things that you are supposed to do tomorrow. Therefore stop being worried about your future and start focusing on your present only.

Make a habit of living in the current moment because the life is about the current moment, past and future are both beyond your control.


# 7 – Accomplish Simple Tasks First

Completing simple tasks that consume less mental energy is one of the best ways to have a feeling of success. And this feeling of success empowers your mind to start and finish any task no matter how complex it is.

When you are engaged in something complex and feel like overthinking, just shift your focus to simple and easy to complete tasks.

Ravi Raman writes, “Doing a bunch of simple tasks gives me a feeling of success. I feel like I’ve accomplished something. It also teaches my brain to solve and finish problems. When I return to the complex task (e.g. creating a presentation, preparing for a coaching client meeting or writing on this blog), I find that I am able to stay focused without any mental stress. My brain is primed and ready to finish the task, complex or not!”

# 8 – Stay Active Throughout The Day

People tend to over-think when they have time to over-think. So to stop over-thinking, one good way is to keep yourself active throughout the day and get tired physically not mentally.

Kulraj Singh very rightly says, “Not one day can be fruitful if more time than necessary is allowed for aimless thinking. A mind rests well at night knowing its day has been directed toward worthy goals.

So consider daily exercise—any physical activity that raises heart rate and improves health.”

# 9 – Forgive Others

It is very common for a person that had a misfortune of being mistreated, to suppress and repress anger towards other people.

Forgiveness is known to boost self-esteem, improve mood and dramatically improve your health as well. It is also necessary for a healthy and long-lasting relationships and marriages.

If you too had been treated undesirably by someone then instead of suppressing and repressing anger, just forgive that person. Because forgiveness is morally correct, spiritually mature and above all, it is the best virtue of humanity.

# 10 – Work Out Regularly

The workout is the best way to let go of worries and inner tension.

Exercising on regular basis will not only improve your physical health but it will also improve your mental health by making you calmer.

HENRIK EDBERG writes “It most often makes me feel more decisive and when I was more of an overthinker then it was often my go-to method of changing the headspace I was into a more constructive one.

Final Thoughts

Thinking is good but overthinking is a problem and it can complicate your life to a great extent. So you need to take some practical steps to get rid of the habit of overthinking. You can use one or two of the ways to overcome overthinking as described in this post above.

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